Superfiber 6.6 Fiber and Yarn

The best Coarse Count YARN for FLOORING

A typical characteristic of the Fiber PA 6.6 is the RESILIENCE (that is the ability to absorb deformation energy to then return to the initial state), but three features make our Yarn PA 6.6 “SUPER”:

Fiber and Yarn

The water cooling process confers to the final product mechanical characteristics that are completely different compared to the classic air cooling method. Polymer solidification through water cooling is at least three times more rapid with an important reduction of irregular areas within the filament

The Crystallization (transition of the polymer from the liquid to the solid state) is controlled and conformable, resulting in the possibility to manage the degree of elasticity of the fiber.

The production of Bibielle’s yarn and fiber is definitely very flexible, both from the point of view of the mechanical properties given to the product, and the wide range of products.
Starting from the final count that the customer requires, the following on the yarn can be chosen:
the number of filaments that compose the yarns itself, the section of the filament, the crimp level and the mechanical characteristics such as elongation, elasticity and tenacity.

In a market where the different uses of yarn have difficulties in identifying the most suitable product for their needs, Bibielle Fiber advantageously offers design and development of customized yarns.

Fiber Crimp
Fiber Crimp
Fiber Crimp
Fiber Crimp

Fiber Crimp and Fiber for Flooring by Bibielle

The process of crimping filaments ensures that the synthetic fibers obtain characteristics similar to natural ones that exist with a given CRIMP such as wool.
Bibielle Fiber, thanks to an exclusive technology, can handle this process and give to each single filament a crimping that is adequate to the customers’ needs in terms of number of waves per cm., extensiveness of the angles, three-dimensional and regular or irregular folds.
Probably not everyone is aware that many of the features that are also found in the final product, whatever this may be, depend on the type of CRIMP.
In fact, some applications require a conferred volume while others prefer the compactness.
Furthermore, there are needs to create structures that can be more or less open; all these and other parameters can be influenced by the CRIMP.
Bibielle Fiber, pursuing the aim to customize yarn and fiber, is totally available to develop products following instructions and requirements of the end user.