1. What’s the difference between PA 6 and PA 6.6?
PA 6.6 is more performance and wear resistant

2. Is it possible to produce bigger yarns?
Yes, it is thanks to the water cooling process

3. Which is the main and unique feature of PA6.6?
Three-dimensionality in conferring crimp

4. Which is the production range for PA6.6 indicated in decitex?
From 15 to 600 decitex

5. Why is PA6.6 that goes through water cooling process ideal for mass coloration?
Due to the fact that no irregular areas within the filament are present and as a result the color is uniform.

6. Is it possible to handle the shape and the quantity of the waves that make up the crimp?
Yes, it is since Bibielle’s exclusive air and vapor technology (no mechanical texturization) allows modulating the intensity and shape.

7. Why is superfiber 6.6 ideal for printing on plotters?
Thanks to the chemical and physical characteristics of the fiber which doesn’t permit the shift of the color from the inside towards the outside

8. Why should you replace polyester with super fiber 6.6?
Because super fiber PA 6.6 weighs less.