It is known that the work of a truck driver presumes a frequent and intense stamping and therefore a consequent wear of the truck mat. The mat manufactured with Bibielle’s yarn can give a soft touch but at the same time is super resistant.
The dyeing in mass gives a long lasting coloration to the yarn avoiding discoloration with the frequent and intense use.
Moreover, the features of the PA66 added to the typical quality of Bibielle’s fiber, give the product a high degree of resilience, that is the phenomenon by which the material preserves memory of a shape and tends to return to its’ original form. This particular characteristic avoids, especially in the application of truck mats, the annoying phenomenon of wear out of the mat in the most used area of the same, for eg. the frequent use of the accelerator pedal.

An example of a truck mat made with our fiber dyed in mass: innovative yarn 7000 D/tex per 60 filaments.

Impossible to wear out, it always returns to the initial shape: EXTRAORDINARY!